Seasonal Greetings as Santa is Sighted!

Posted on 2017-12-12

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Seasonal Greeting from our Terminal Conflict Development team!


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Bring Strategy to iOS and Android

Posted on 2017-11-28

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Bring your strategy wherever you go! Today we are announcing that our development team is officially exploring a timetable to bring Terminal Conflict to Android and iOS. "We know we can do it, we know we want to do it and now we are exploring when to do it." said Andreas Lütchens, Brand Manager at Strategy Mill.


As there has been a lot of interest in our Cold War grand strategy title, we decided to match that with an ambitious plan. Initially bringing the action to Windows, Mac and Linux, then subsequently rolling out our title on mobile devices. As a consequence, we are revising our release plan into 2018. More information will be revealed about these developments in the near future as we expand the brand to these new platforms.


This also means that we are opening up several new positions and enlarging our international team to meet up with demand. We strongly believe that player focused game development results in great games and this is where you come in.


QA Analyst (Tester)

Are you very analytic when it comes to computer games, with a sharp eye for details? Do you have a talent and willingness for problem solving and a passion for identifying and evaluating both functionality and form? Instead of just playing a game, do you readily dive in to find innovative ways to exploit or break its features? And are you enthusiastic and eager to listen and learn about the game industry? Then we want to hear from you!


As a QA Analyst you will work with a small but growing international team where everybody is equally nerdy but also as dedicated to games as you are.


You are:

  • Team minded: eager to listen and learn in order to process new information and constantly improve and evolve
  • Relentless and persistent: you take on challenges with enthusiasm and never give up mastering your environment, why and how are your second nature
  • Communicative: you are the first line of defense for the team always open to feedback and collaboration
  • A gamer: the vast majority of your time you spend playing games


You will:

  • Test and evaluate potential game issues
  • Identify, report and track bugs in our project management system
  • Give constructive feedback on bugs, design, fun-factor and other game related perspectives
  • Learn about the gaming industry and what it takes to develop video games
  • Play a lot of games


Public Relations Specialist

Are you a humble but ambitious content creator with experience in writing and communication? Perhaps an aspiring journalist, writer or blogger that takes games and play seriously. Like us, do you see things differently and aren’t afraid to experiment or explore new trails? Then you may be the one we’re looking for!


As a Public Relations Specialist, you will help to build and execute publishing campaigns for Terminal Conflict. You will join our team of passionate fellow gamers and industry veterans to organize and unlock all aspects of your campaign – from initial strategy to retrospective analysis writing the future of strategy gaming. Having a passion for games, you understand the needs of core gamers and what it takes to excite them in meaningful ways.


You are:

  • A campaign planner: you have a love for a good story and the talent to bring them to life in all mediums be it a small post or a major global marketing campaign. Your focus is to effectively communicate the key message to our players at the right time and place
  • A creative communicator: you’re a comfortable communicator, be it in emails, press releases or social media chatter as you help to engage and coordinate efforts on updates and campaigns
  • A gamer: you’re a dedicated and driven gamer with a deep passion in one or more genres and share our firm belief that games make the world better


You will:

  • Create global marketing campaigns that help strategy players around the world get it touch with our team and products
  • Create and communicate content ideas with the PR team
  • Develop a significant role and partner with our developers to create innovative player experiences
  • Seek out and participate in a meaningful way, in conversations players are having about games in general and of our genre and industry in particular
  • Play a lot of games


If any of these descriptions match you, please write us at and include a resume and cover letter in English. There is nothing more impressive than a well written introduction and we look forward to hearing from you.



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Terminal Conflict - Andreas Lütchens joins the development team

Posted on 2017-10-04

Andreas “Chromos” Lütchens, legendary moderator and Paradox games content developer, has joined our Strategy Mill development team! A twelve-year veteran of grand strategy games, Chromos is best known for his work on Paradox’s East vs West and the AHOI mod for the Hearts of Iron III series.


“For us it’s an honor to bring Andreas onboard; he is an inspiration and a great personality in grand strategy. With Terminal Conflict, our aspiration is to let you command the most authentic head-to-head grand strategy of the Cold War era. These types of historically plausible, politically rich experiences require the best of communicators and that is why I’m excited to have Andreas join our team. As we are successfully progressing towards Beta testing, his experience and expertise will be matched only by his German precision.” said Gellert Keresztes, CEO of Strategy Mill.


For more information on Strategy Mills upcoming title Terminal Conflict, please visit

The Insiprational Leak: 8 Tips for Setting Up Your Own Game Studio

Posted on 2017-05-13

Thought about starting your own game studio? A solid start then is to check out this article written by none other then our founder and CEO., Gellert Keresztes. Published by Indiewatch, the article outlines a light hearted look into the world of game development titled, The Inspirational Leak: 8 tips for setting up your own game studio.


Terminal Conflict - Announcement Trailer

Posted on 2017-04-03

Sound the horns and fire the fireworks! Terminal Conflict reaches a major milestone and has officially entered alpha phase. Hope you will enjoy this small announcement trailer we put together for the occasions, freshly out from the workbench.


Please help our team and spread the good news and if you wish also the trailer. Make a friend, family or spouse the lucky receiver and you shall have our gratitude. In the mood for something else? Well, make sure to stop by our Twitter or Facebook pages or drop us a message on Reddit.



The Cold War is officially back!

Dressed in Red

Posted on 2017-03-08

As a strategy game developer and growing tech company in the game development industry, I would like to urge others to also recognize the contribution of women in our field of work. Women have enriched our game designs, developed beautiful artwork and made contributions to our projects in planning, coding and all other fields of development. From our board room to the production floor their toil and contribution has been invaluable.


Women all over the world will be dressed in red today and in their honor so is our company page. This is just our way of saying that you mean a lot to us and a way for us to draw attention to women in the gaming industry.

Thank you all and #BeBoldForChange!


- Gellert Keresztes, CEO Strategy Mill

Terminal Conflict Game Page Launch

Posted on 2017-01-27

Game site launching for our upcoming geopolitical Cold War strategy game Terminal Conflict. Explore the latest screenshots and register for updates! Coming to you in 2017!





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