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Tuning in with the brilliant Simon Donovan

Posted on 2019-03-08

Hi there Terminal Conflict fans! My name is Simon J Donovan and I am one of two Music Composer's working with Strategy Mill. I joined the team to give life, musically, to some of the world leaders in the game.

Make it your own

Thomas Edison has said that "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration". I think this quote very much applies to music composing. I have started tons of pieces that I couldn't finish, but looking back at them I found that I was trying new ideas/orchestrations/devices that I hadn't tried yet. This is a really important and often very frustrating part of the whole process during your formative years, but stick with it. You're assimilating everything you have listened to, everything you have been influenced by and trying to make it your own.

My passion for music

I was born in Dublin, Ireland and currently reside in the Bay Area, California. My passion for music started when my Dad introduced me to the guitar at a young age and all the great movie & TV themes of the 80's, from Star Wars to Star Trek, from The A-Team to Knight Rider. Further musical exploration ensued when I started to listen to the great Classical Music composers. It revealed to me the power of the orchestra and it's living & breathing ability to express so many different emotions. Some of my favourites, were Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Vaughan Williams & Aaron Copland. A few years later my exploration of the guitar continued when I started playing in friends' bands, steeping myself in Rock, Progressive Rock & Metal. I had the music of Guns n' Roses, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Metallica, Steve Vai & Joe Satriani on full blast!

I also have a background in Computer Science and I am fascinated by the interactive side of music in games and the different implementation techniques.There is a definite resemblance between the logical and iterative processes needed to code and to create an audio experience.

Work on Terminal Conflict

Being a part of the team at Strategy Mill has been a tremendous experience. It has given me some great insight into the extraordinarily talented individuals & dedication that goes into creating a video game and the exhaustive array of skills that are needed to make it all happen. This opportunity has not only given me the chance to recreate parts of some of the great national anthems that have been written throughout history, but also explore some world music, from the percussive drums & tribal chanting of Africa to the soulful red hot Latin beats of South America.

Let me give you some examples directly from the game:  

    • Tito - This was a fun challenge in transcribing from ear. I personally couldn't find any written score of the Yugoslavian anthem, but I did find a US Brass Band version of it on YouTube. I first got a general idea of what time signature it was in and then started transcribing the instruments (working from outer voice to inner) as best I could. I think it turned out great. It's a really strong, proud piece of music.

    Listen to Tito's Soundtrack

      • Peron - This piece was influenced by The Peronist March, "Hail Peron", but the goal was to go with a flamenco, gypsy style for this leader. So I went primarily with guitar to provide the Spanish flamenco flair for the harmony & melody and a bit of Palmas (flamenco hand clapping) to provide some rhythm.

      Listen to Peron's Soundtrack

        • Che Guevara - This turned out to be my favourite track. I had never had a chance to write some Cuban Latin music. I went for a cha-cha-cha vibe with the percussion first and then proceeded to improvise over the percussion loop filling in the harmony first with the guitar and then a little melodic flair over that with the trumpets.

        Listen to Che's Soundtrack

        I look forward to hear what you, think of the audio of Terminal Conflict!

        To get more from Simon and the team, sign up for updates, join our Steam Group or talk with us on Twitter, Facebook, or on Reddit.

        Rock, Paper, Shotgun features Terminal conflict in wargames alphabet

        Posted on 2019-03-08

        Revolutions, rebellions & rocketry! Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s wargames alphabet has Terminal Conflict filed naturally under R as in ‘Red Under the Bed’. Rush, read, revel!  

        Terminal Conflict teams up with MacGameStore and WinGameStore

        Posted on 2019-02-21

        Strategy Mill is proud to announce that we are teaming up with MacGameStore and WinGameStore and as of today you can find Terminal Conflict on their shelves at WinGameStore and MacGameStore.

        Get with the game! Earn Points, Receive Rewards, Enjoy!

        Davide Pessach joins the PR Team

        Posted on 2019-01-21

        Greetings strategy fans! My name is Davide Pessach and I am the PR Marketing Manager for Strategy Mill.

        I am delighted to be part of this team; this is not the usual ‘run of the mill’ (no pun intended) complimentary introduction. I have been working as a freelance Marketing Specialist for some years now and one of the incredible perks of the job is the fact that the videogames industry is now so varied that you can cherry-pick your collaborations, following your instinct and your passions.

        Having worked with the talented teams of Heroes of Normandie and Burden of Command, I fell in love with Terminal Conflict right from the get-go.

        Being a history buff and a passionate strategy player (and a son of the 80’s of course), Terminal Conflict speaks to me on so many levels; plus the passion of the team is so clear...who could resist?

        Marketing, offline and online, has been my trade for 17 years now, coupled with a side activity as a journalist (in videogames of course, check me out at and a deep infatuation for the academic world.

        I honestly think we are in the golden age of marketing. There are so many new tools, and the potential to reach and create a relation with each and every player increases every day. Every small indie team can harness this power, especially when the product is first and foremost, a deep and interesting experience and, only then, a game on the market.

        Hence my role is more that of a facilitator; making sure that the incredible hard work and the community-focused values are clearly communicated to the outside world.

        As video game creators, we are lucky. We are proud to have strategy fans pitching in with their support and we are honored to call them friends. Players are like us, they have ideas, experience and passion for good games; the industry has to start to work with them rather than for them. It is a crucial paradigm change rich with opportunities and interesting challenges.

        After all we all want the same thing: play and make good games.

        I honestly can’t wait.

        To get more from Davide and the team, sign up for updates, join our Steam Group or talk with us on Twitter, Facebook, or on Reddit.

        Terminal Conflict is now available in Steam Early Access

        Posted on 2018-11-20

        *Red Dash Alpha Verification*

        **Launch code received**

        **Entering launch code***

        **T- 10 seconds.**

        **Insert launch key**

        **Rotate launch key to SET**


        **Rotate key for Early Access LAUNCH**

        Seize your chance, as Terminal Conflict enters Early Access on Windows, Mac and Linux! Terminal Conflict is now available on Steam Early Access.

        Command history in this most definitive Cold War strategy game. Gain access to your retro terminal and assert dominance through strategic arms races and disarmaments. Balance the world on the brink of mutual assured destruction to ensure total victory!

        Main Features:

        • Command the most authentic Cold War strategy simulator

        • Turn-based single-player strategy and head-to-head multiplayer

        • MIRVIN, your retro computer, purpose built, AI guide, brilliantly voice acted by James Spence.

        • Nuclear warfare systems and authentic Doomsday Clock tension mechanism, the countdown to midnight has started

        • All aspect strategic warfare - economic, intelligence, diplomacy and military combat.

        • Era immersive, historically plausible events and decisions covering the period between 1946-1991

        • Recruit 30+ unique historical leaders like Mao Zedong, Margaret Thatcher, or Ernesto ''Che'' Guevara brandishing their own special abilities.

        • The Space Race is on! Will you claim technological superiority?

        • Create and tell your own history through modding and customization with a powerful integrated in game editor 

        Game Editions

        We ask for patience as we roll out three distinct Editions*:

        1. Terminal Conflict: Commander in Chief Edition (29:99 USD) (complete game, all game modes, built in editor)

        2. Terminal Conflict: Supreme Commander Edition (34:99 USD) (includes  Commander in Chief edition, Supreme Commander Terminal (cosmetic), special achievement, 4 new unique policies  (2 for each faction for your home theater)  and 5 New decisions)

        3. Terminal Conflict: Flower Power Edition (39:99 USD) (includes Supreme Commander Edition DLC, Flower Power Terminal (cosmetic), special achievement, 6 additional unique policies (3 for each faction for use outside your home theater), 5 new 10 new decisions)

        *Extra content does not provide you an advantage in Multiplayer. When connecting to a player with a higher tier DLC the game for both players will always play the highest DLCs available.



        Bringing Strategy to macOS and SteamOS + Linux

        Posted on 2018-11-20

        Loving strategy games and a Mac or Linux fan? Come join our BETA team as we are expanding with 4 new BETA positions and enlarging our international team to meet up with demand. In preparation for our December the 4th Early Access and beyond towards full release in 2019,  we're looking for committed platform specific testers.    We strongly believe that player focused game development results in great games and this is where you come in.


        QA Analyst (Tester)

        Are you very analytic when it comes to computer games, with a sharp eye for details? Do you have a talent and willingness for problem solving and a passion for identifying and evaluating both functionality and form? Instead of just playing a game, do you readily dive in to find innovative ways to exploit or break its features? And are you enthusiastic and eager to listen and learn about the game industry? Then we want to hear from you!

        As a QA Analyst you will work with a small but growing international team where everybody is equally nerdy but also as dedicated to games as you are.

        You are:

        •     Team minded: eager to listen and learn in order to process new information and constantly improve and evolve
        •     Relentless and persistent: you take on challenges with enthusiasm and never give up mastering your environment, why and how are your second nature
        •     Communicative: you are the first line of defense for the team always open to feedback and collaboration
        •     A gamer: the vast majority of your time you spend playing games
        • A macOS or SteamOS +Linux user

        You will:

        •     Test and evaluate potential game issues
        •     Identify, report and track bugs in our project management system
        •     Give constructive feedback on bugs, design, fun-factor and other game related perspectives
        •     Learn about the gaming industry and what it takes to develop video games
        •     Play a lot of games

          Sign up for updates at and send your BETA application to We'll always notice a fun, well written application anytime.

        Mighty Cheers


        Terminal Conflict featured by Stately Play

        Posted on 2018-11-19

        The sharpest keyboard on the web! Tremendous excitement as Terminal Conflict is featured by the eminent Stately Play.

        "If there’s one thing missing from today’s high-tech landscape of centrifuge-killing viruses, hacking, long-game defense projects designed surreptitiously in conjunction with Silicon Valley, it’s the warm glow of a NORAD CRT. Fear not, for Terminal Conflict is here to return you to the good old days of mutually-assured destruction." - Stately Play    Read more here!

        The renown Leif 'Greatexperiment' Miller joins the team

        Posted on 2018-10-31

        Click to Enlarge

        We are thrilled to announce that Leif "Greatexperiment" Miller is a new addition of famous content creators to join the Terminal Conflict team. Earning distinction for his The Road to 56 mod for Hearts of Iron IV, he brings not only a rich in depth knowledge of Cold War technology but also a reputation for forging grand strategy gems.

        "I started The Road to 56 as a solo project in ancient times and kept it going mostly out of a terrific sense of crushing guilt. These days there's a great team working with me and we're always pushing to make improvements. We're putting particular emphasis on content involving countries you may have never heard of, extra features everywhere, and a storyline about Stalin replying to a personals ad. When the mod ended up on an illegal download site hosted from a shady tax haven in the Caribbean, that's when I knew we had made it. It means our content is finally worth stealing! A compliment, sorta." Leif points out.

        Terminal Conflict Development

        "As part of the industry veteran Development team of Terminal Conflict, we are all super excited to see him taking on historical events and decisions as his creations take the players to discover both the famous and the enticingly obscure treasures of the Cold War. " said Gellert Keresztes, Founder and CEO of Strategy Mill.

        Already past the first weeks introduction, Leif's work is progressing in implementing the narrative that brings drama to the game and with a sense of humor to you. The important thing is to create an emotion and a quality experience "and definitely never ever involve any oblique references to aliens, conspiracy theories, or a certain cat named Lieutenant Paws" he adds.

        Click to Enlarge
        Click to Enlarge

        With a Story to tell

        "The Cold War is like two kids, fighting over the last cupcake and both are too prideful and greedy to simply share it. Then MIRVIN, this sentient computer comes in and assumes control and creates stability just to be thrown out. He is your friend and mine. Trapped in a tollbooth system for decades MIRVIN is finally back and definitely not because it's jealous that it can't eat cupcakes." Leif tells. A feeling we definitely emphasize by the inviting retro terminal look and feel as MIRVIN calls upon you to join the action. To get more from Leif and the team, sign up for updates, join our Steam Group or talk with us on Twitter, Facebook, or on Reddit.

        Click to Enlarge

        "I look forward to doing my best to help make Terminal Conflict an awesome game and also to having as few pun-related injuries as possible. Remember: Safety first, and make sure that a thesaurus never falls into the wrong hands." Leif signs off in historical fashion, as our team is bigger and better than ever before, in the run up towards early access. No pun intended.

        Mighty Cheers,

        MIRVIN and the Terminal Conflict Team

        What no one talks about in the Gaming Industry

        Posted on 2018-10-17

        Cheerful greetings!

        Strategy Mill is a game development company based in Sweden, specializing on grand strategy games. Our focus is on fun experiences, human interactivity and social interaction as we work on finding solutions to problems, with the help of games. This could not be done without our talented team of individuals and their creative approach to life and play.

        Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a long lasting disease, affecting muscle control, balance, optic nerves and other basic body functions. The effects can often be different on a case-to-case basis. Simply put, MS happens when the immune system attacks your own body. Science has not yet determined the sure cause of why some individuals will be afflicted by MS.

        Until that day comes, it is important that we look at some effects that are entirely man made, and thus can be changed. Chiefly, changes, betterment and acceptance of individuals suffering from MS in the industry we love; the video game industry.

        This is the story of two of those individuals; their extraordinary tale of living their lives with a debilitating disease, and working within our veteran development team.

        Alfred (Ontario, Canada):

        "Hello, my name is Alfred and I am a Freelance Software Developer for Strategy Mill. I also have Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

        MS is a disease that I’ve been dealing with since I was about 10 years old. It causes me struggles in varying degrees every day, both in work and play. While it is a challenge to deal with, these struggles are not completely debilitating. There is always something that can be done.

        I am unable do physical work to any meaningful extent, have poor balance, poor eye sight in one eye. I suffer from depression and anxiety disorders directly linked to my MS. However, despite all these hurdles I have successfully become a part of the game industry.

        As mentioned, there are many hurdles in my day-to-day activities. Some days I just cannot work at all; be it from fatigue, disorientation or other issues related to MS. Nonetheless, I always manage to do something. Just small things, like planning out what to do when I do feel better or doing other smaller tasks. It depends on how my issues are currently affecting me. In those instances, I keep a written record of what I have done for the day. The record helps keep me productive, while reminding me that I achieved something on a day, no matter how I feel at the time.

        I started out rather simple by modding games in my spare time. From there my mod work became progressively more involved. This led to me being part of a major overhaul mod, one that I ended up leading for a time. My team and I even won achievement awards for the work we did. While working on this mod I gained crucial social networking connections. It is truly surprising how many industry veterans also mod in their spare time.

        To those with MS, or some other disability, do not let it define who you are. While it may be a part of you, it should not control every facet of your existence. You can achieve the things you want in life as long as you make the effort to factor in your personal circumstances. Some days are bad, some days are good. Just take it one step at a time."

        Kate (Texas, USA): DONATE

        "Hello, my name is Kate Grant and I’m a Freelance Historical Researcher/Scripter for Strategy Mill.

        I first got into games development 12 years ago, especially highly detailed strategy games, as they required a good deal of historical research to implement. This was and is my passion and a wonderful opportunity for me, as I was at the time just beginning to earn my Bachelor's in history. Eventually I’d end up pursuing post-graduate work in the historical field but then suddenly everything changed.

        There were warning signs for years before, but I remember my first major exacerbation clearly. I was at the gym doing a short kickboxing lesson with a private trainer. Earlier that week, I’d get through an hour of exercise like it without feeling winded. This night though, before 15 minutes was up, the room was spinning, and I felt so exhausted I nearly vomited. Almost immediately I realized this was serious, but I did not at the time realize how serious. Within that month, I was so weak I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.

        Multiple Sclerosis was actually one of my general practitioners first suspicions but when an MRI showed no lesions, he reassured me I didn’t have MS. He was wrong, and it took 8 years for someone to reconsider that notion, and for me to find out that MS can be present without brain lesions, either because the lesions haven’t developed yet, or because they’re too deep in the brain to see clearly. At the same time, I was dealing with abuse and disbelief from medical practitioners dismissing my symptoms. Treatment and management was largely on my own for years. I dreaded people asking ‘so what have you been up to?’ All I could tell them about was my long stream of medical examinations and symptoms.

        In the meantime, I was horrified, bewildered and isolated, forced to watch as my illness was taking over my life. Supports I counted on; my job, my finances, my primary hobby, my friends, even my family relations to help me through it all, failed. I was also pressured by my family not to make real adjustments for my illness. They didn’t want me pursuing disability benefits, because that would mean ‘giving up on life’.

        I wouldn’t have survived without my partner working to provide for us, while also being my fulltime caretaker. I wasn’t able to work full-time, but I could start small and so I started rekindling my passion for game development. Working on collaborative projects, it gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment again. Currently, I’m working on the upcoming release of Terminal Conflict and on my own projects for historically minded supplements for table top roleplaying games.

        People with MS offer the Games Industry wonderful opportunities, if more companies learn to adapt their practices. Game development is a world where quality of work is far more important than quantity, or physical effort spent. A  well-considered  project can frequently outperform other games and the game industry can help offer inclusiveness and a place of employment for people with MS. What’s really needed is better awareness, better access to treatment and better accommodation for the needs of the disabled in all aspects of society. "

        We urge you all to help us in changing views, so that we can once and for all remove the stigma of hiring or working professionally with people suffering from MS. Make sure to donate, to help fund healthcare in your country or where such coverage might not be readily available or covered by insurance. Contact your local representative and make your voice heard.

        Thank you and mighty cheers!

        1 000 Facebook Followers Festival!

        Posted on 2018-07-31

        In Celebration of our Facebook page reaching a milestone we are opening the gates to the   1000 FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS FESTIVITY!

        Join the game and join the fun! Make your mark in history as prices are to be  won:

        1. Two Beta Steam keys of Terminal Conflict and eternal admiration

        2. One Beta Steam key of Terminal Conflict and exalting praise

        3. Fame and fortune and cheerful gratitude

        Though we make no judgement on how you go about winning, after all there are no rules in love or war, we ask that you write us the name of a historical Cold War leader and his/her secret desire.

        Use Wikipedia - sure. Phone a friend - a given. Use your following on the dark pages of reddit - we wouldn't! For your sake more than anything. Grab your chance to finally get a shot and an early Xmas present for the wife or the boyfriend and Message us TODAY!

        Contest is open until Friday the 10th of August and entries are accepted on  our   Twitter, Facebook, or on Reddit. We'll always notice a fun, well written post anytime. 



        Acclaimed Modder Jonathan "Indyclone77" Bagley joins Strategy Mill

        Posted on 2018-07-09

        Click to Enlarge

        Jonathan "Indyclone77" Bagley, renowned graphical artist and experienced modder of multiple Paradox and other strategy games, has joined our Strategy Mill development team! Disguised by his 20 year age is a veteran modder involved in over 30 mods spanning from Hearts of Iron IV to Crusader Kings II, and Bioshock. Famous for critically praised mods like Road to 56, Kaiserreich, Elder Kings, and Old World Blues, he is now working on our much expected Cold War title, Terminal Conflict. See how happy Ho Chi Minh is about his brand new Leader ability icons?



        Click to Enlarge

        "Bringing Jonathan to our team is exciting for all of us and we are delighted to have a talent of his caliber on the project creating beautiful visual experiences." said Gellert Keresztes, Founder and CEO of Strategy Mill AB.

        A history enthusiast, he has established history telling in the rich graphical artworks that he creates. Some of his skills can be viewed not the least in the recoloring of black and white historical images, as the one seen below of Franz Joseph II.



        Click to Enlarge

        His influences are deep and complex, but if he had to choose one he would like you all to check out The Battle of Zama. In his own words "I am a big fan of Carthage and War Elephants". Apart from beasts of war, he is also known for his passionate love of Sooty. "In the end one day Sooty and his friends will rule the world! Isn't that right, Soo?"



        Are you a modder or scripter on the lookout for a new project? Look no further as we are opening up for Early Modder Access. Read more about it here!


        We are also humbled by the great response to our beta announcement and excited to deliver this definitive grand strategy game to a growing Terminal Conflict community, now numbering no less than 750 followers on Facebook.   



        Politics Gaming: TERMINAL CONFLICT BETA | PART 1 | Fallout, WarGames and SkyNet Combined!

        Posted on 2018-07-05

        There are content creators that put their whole hearts into the work they do and we are incredibly honored to have Terminal Conflict be featured by one of the best, PoliticsGaming. Make sure to check out his wonderful creations!



        MasterofRoflness: Global Conflict Simulator! New Grand Strategy - Terminal Conflict Gameplay

        Posted on 2018-07-04

        We are long time fans of MasterofRoflness, so some of the guys in the office are waving their notebooks in the air for autographs. No worries, you can check out his wonderful channel!



        BogMod: Let's Play Terminal Conflict BETA - Part 1

        Posted on 2018-07-04

        The amazing BogMod plays Terminal Conflict BETA - Part 1

        Make sure to support his awesome strategy game content. We love your work BogMod!



        Terminal Conflict featured Alpha Beta Gamer

        Posted on 2018-06-08

        A milestone for a great BETA reached, as Terminal Conflict is featured by Alpha Beta Gamer, the worlds biggest beta testing site. 

        Bunkers being decorated all over the landscape as we move closer to our 4th of July Beta release.  Read more here!



        Terminal Conflict Featured on

        Posted on 2018-06-07

        We are excited and proud to have been featured by the  independent Norwegian gaming site  (in Norwegian)




        We appriciate the connection that we have with our fans and some of the best influence and greatest feedback can be found on independent  gaming sites like theirs. So keep posting on forums, share your views and ideas with the strong community they created  and I promise we are trying our best and follow along to answer your questions and bring you amazing games. 

        Thank you and best regards!


        Happy May Day

        Posted on 2018-05-01

        Click to Enlarge

        Mayday, May Day! Happy May Day!

        See what we did there?  Now, back to work! Send us a message or better yet, Maybe a May day greeting or share on  Twitter or Facebook or write us a comment on Reddit.




        Seasonal Greetings as Santa is Sighted

        Posted on 2017-12-12

        Click to Enlarge

        Seasonal Greeting from our Terminal Conflict Development team!




        Bring Strategy to iOS and Android

        Posted on 2017-11-28

        Click to Enalrge

        Bring your strategy wherever you go! Today we are announcing that our development team is officially exploring a timetable to bring Terminal Conflict to Android and iOS. "We know we can do it, we know we want to do it and now we are exploring when to do it." said Andreas Lütchens, Brand Manager at Strategy Mill.

        As there has been a lot of interest in our Cold War grand strategy title, we decided to match that with an ambitious plan. Initially bringing the action to Windows, Mac and Linux, then subsequently rolling out our title on mobile devices. As a consequence, we are revising our release plan into 2018. More information will be revealed about these developments in the near future as we expand the brand to these new platforms.

        This also means that we are opening up several new positions and enlarging our international team to meet up with demand. We strongly believe that player focused game development results in great games and this is where you come in.



        Public Relations Specialist

        Are you a humble but ambitious content creator with experience in writing and communication? Perhaps an aspiring journalist, writer or blogger that takes games and play seriously. Like us, do you see things differently and aren’t afraid to experiment or explore new trails? Then you may be the one we’re looking for!

        As a Public Relations Specialist, you will help to build and execute publishing campaigns for Terminal Conflict. You will join our team of passionate fellow gamers and industry veterans to organize and unlock all aspects of your campaign – from initial strategy to retrospective analysis writing the future of strategy gaming. Having a passion for games, you understand the needs of core gamers and what it takes to excite them in meaningful ways.

        You are:

        •     A campaign planner: you have a love for a good story and the talent to bring them to life in all mediums be it a small post or a major global marketing campaign. Your focus is to effectively communicate the key message to our players at the right time and place
        •     A creative communicator: you’re a comfortable communicator, be it in emails, press releases or social media chatter as you help to engage and coordinate efforts on updates and campaigns
        •     A gamer: you’re a dedicated and driven gamer with a deep passion in one or more genres and share our firm belief that games make the world better

        You will:

        •     Create global marketing campaigns that help strategy players around the world get it touch with our team and products
        •     Create and communicate content ideas with the PR team
        •     Develop a significant role and partner with our developers to create innovative player experiences
        •     Seek out and participate in a meaningful way, in conversations players are having about games in general and of our genre and industry in particular
        •     Play a lot of games

        If any of these descriptions match you, please write us at and include a resume and cover letter in English. There is nothing more impressive than a well written introduction and we look forward to hearing from you.


        Terminal Conflict - Andreas Lütchens joins the development team

        Posted on 2017-10-04

        Andreas “Chromos” Lütchens, legendary moderator and Paradox games content developer, has joined our Strategy Mill development team! A twelve-year veteran of grand strategy games, Chromos is best known for his work on Paradox’s East vs West and the AHOI mod for the Hearts of Iron III series.

        “For us it’s an honor to bring Andreas onboard; he is an inspiration and a great personality in grand strategy. With Terminal Conflict, our aspiration is to let you command the most authentic head-to-head grand strategy of the Cold War era. These types of historically plausible, politically rich experiences require the best of communicators and that is why I’m excited to have Andreas join our team. As we are successfully progressing towards Beta testing, his experience and expertise will be matched only by his German precision.” said Gellert Keresztes, CEO of Strategy Mill.


        For more information on Strategy Mills upcoming title Terminal Conflict, please visit


        The Insiprational Leak: 8 Tips for Setting Up Your Own Game Studio

        Posted on 2017-05-13

        Thought about starting your own game studio? A solid start then is to check out this article written by none other then our founder and CEO., Gellert Keresztes. Published by Indiewatch, the article outlines a light hearted look into the world of game development titled,  The Inspirational Leak: 8 tips for setting up your own game studio.


        Terminal Conflict - Announcement Trailer

        Posted on 2017-04-03

        Sound the horns and fire the fireworks! Terminal Conflict reaches a major milestone and has officially entered alpha phase. Hope you will enjoy this small announcement trailer we put together for the occasions, freshly out from the workbench.

        Please help our team and spread the good news and if you wish also the trailer. Make a friend, family or spouse the lucky receiver and you shall have our gratitude. In the mood for something else? Well, make sure to stop by our  Twitter or Facebook pages or drop us a message on Reddit.


        The Cold War is officially back!