Andreas Lütchens joins the development team

Posted on 2017-10-04

Andreas “Chromos” Lütchens, legendary moderator and Paradox games content developer, has joined our Strategy Mill development team! A twelve-year veteran of grand strategy games, Chromos is best known for his work on Paradox’s East vs West and the AHOI mod for the Hearts of Iron III series.


“For us it’s an honor to bring Andreas onboard; he is an inspiration and a great personality in grand strategy. With Terminal Conflict, our aspiration is to let you command the most authentic head-to-head grand strategy of the Cold War era. These types of historically plausible, politically rich experiences require the best of communicators and that is why I’m excited to have Andreas join our team. As we are successfully progressing towards Beta testing, his experience and expertise will be matched only by his German precision.” said Gellert Keresztes, CEO of Strategy Mill.


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The Insiprational Leak: 8 Tips for Setting Up Your Own Game Studio

Posted on 2017-05-13

Thought about starting your own game studio? A solid start then is to check out this article written by none other then our founder and CEO., Gellert Keresztes. Published by Indiewatch, the article outlines a light hearted look into the world of game development titled, The Inspirational Leak: 8 tips for setting up your own game studio.


Terminal Conflict - Announcement Trailer

Posted on 2017-04-03

Sound the horns and fire the fireworks! Terminal Conflict reaches a major milestone and has officially entered alpha phase. Hope you will enjoy this small announcement trailer we put together for the occasions, freshly out from the workbench.


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The Cold War is officially back!


Dressed in Red

Posted on 2017-03-08

As a strategy game developer and growing tech company in the game development industry, I would like to urge others to also recognize the contribution of women in our field of work. Women have enriched our game designs, developed beautiful artwork and made contributions to our projects in planning, coding and all other fields of development. From our board room to the production floor their toil and contribution has been invaluable.


Women all over the world will be dressed in red today and in their honor so is our company page. This is just our way of saying that you mean a lot to us and a way for us to draw attention to women in the gaming industry.

Thank you all and #BeBoldForChange!


- Gellert Keresztes, CEO Strategy Mill

Terminal Conflict Game Page Launch

Posted on 2017-01-27

Game site launching for our upcoming geopolitical Cold War strategy game Terminal Conflict. Explore the latest screenshots and register for updates! Coming to you in 2017!





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