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  • 2018-05-21

Terminal Conflict - "Trusted Companion" Development Diary 22, meet up with your friendly A.I. MIRVIN .


  • 2018-05-10

Terminal Conflict - "Man, Duty and Loyalty" Development Diary 21, takes a stroll to witness the wheels of history in action.


  • 2018-05-01

Mayday, Happy May Day!


  • 2018-04-14

Terminal Conflict - You can now tell your own story and create your own decisions as modding tools are implemented.


  • 2018-03-30

Terminal Conflict - "Red Dragon Rising" Development Diary 20, invites Mao for a visit as you make your mark in national conflicts, civil wars, local revolts or even national revolutions


  • 2018-03-17

Terminal Conflict - "Rules of Engagement" Development Diary 19, explores the concept of warzones and the rules that govern conflict. Will you triumph?


  • 2018-03-10

Terminal Conflict - "Of Trust and of Treason" Development Diary 18, the fineries of your nations knowledge gathering tools in this Intelligence guide and a warning about the nature of allegiances in a Cold War strategic world.


  • 2018-02-28

Terminal Conflict - "Breaking the Fog of War" Development Diary 17, an overview on managing uncertainty in any military engagement.


  • 2018-02-21

Terminal Conflict - "Mastering Logistics and Military Deployments" Development Diary 16, a detailed look on the strategic importance of armed force logistics and deployments in this definitive Cold War strategy game.


  • 2018-02-14

Terminal Conflict - "All About (The) Decisions" Development Diary 15, takes you in a world of gangsters, rhumba and revolution.


  • 2018-02-06

Terminal Conflict - "Focus and Timing" Development Diary 14, presents several play modes and explains the importance of Focus selection and timing.


  • 2018-01-30

Terminal Conflict - "Dominate the Seas" Development Diary 13, provides you an in depth look at naval units and strategy.


  • 2018-01-24

Terminal Conflict - "Command the Battlefield" Development Diary 12, a detailed look at ground and air units.




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