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We provide material and expertise for research or education. Our well trained and professional staff supports and delivers services in algorithm development, risk management, economical analysis and negotiation strategy. Previous experience with international partners both in the private sector and public sector means we have the know how to customize services to your needs. Contact our service team leader at








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QA Analyst (Tester)


Are you very analytic when it comes to computer games, with a sharp eye for details? Do you have a talent and willingness for problem solving and a passion for identifying and evaluating both functionality and form? Instead of just playing a game, do you readily dive in to find innovative ways to exploit or break its features? And are you enthusiastic and eager to listen and learn about the game industry? Then we want to hear from you!


As a QA Analyst you will work with a small but growing international team where everybody is equally nerdy but also as dedicated to games as you are.


You are:

  • Team minded: eager to listen and learn in order to process new information and constantly improve and evolve
  • Relentless and persistent: you take on challenges with enthusiasm and never give up mastering your environment, why and how are your second nature
  • Communicative: you are the first line of defense for the team always open to feedback and collaboration
  • A gamer: the vast majority of your time you spend playing games


You will:

  • Test and evaluate potential game issues
  • Identify, report and track bugs in our project management system
  • Give constructive feedback on bugs, design, fun-factor and other game related perspectives
  • Learn about the gaming industry and what it takes to develop video games
  • Play a lot of games



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