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We provide material and expertise for research or education. Our well trained and professional staff supports and delivers services in algorithm development, risk management, economical analysis and negotiation strategy. Previous experience with international partners both in the private sector and public sector means we have the know how to customize services to your needs. Contact our service team leader at








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2D Animator (Retro early age computer esthetics)


Our team is made up of industry veterans and we’re looking for a humble but ambitious, passionate professional, who despite our years in gaming, can teach us a thing or two. Don’t worry about fancy titles as we are all about the team.


As an Animator, you’ll be the creative painter who brings a dark monochrome background to life using your palette of next-level graphics, where you skillfully use the esthetics of the simple. Your demo reel showcases a variety of game-related animation, and a strong foundation in the principles of animation, including weight, anticipation, and impact..


You are:

  • A skilled animator: your broad background in animating different types of animations has given you a knowledge in modeling, rigging and scripting; you understand the difference between game animation, game design, and AI
  • A keen observer: your nimble eye for details leads you instantly to spot if a pixel is right or wrong
  • Communicative: you love to talk about your beautiful animations always open to feedback and collaboration especially with the Audio Department making audio sync a charm
  • A gamer: the vast majority of your time you spend playing games


You will:

  • Create high quality retro style animations for a Cold War style computer terminal
  • Collaborate with designers and artists to create a set of animation assets that fulfill the requirements of the projects game and visual design
  • Consistently meet project deadlines in a timely manner without compromising artistic integrity



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